Ning is an 27-year-young kid passionate about photography and exploring the world. She went on her first Africa trip to volunteer on a school-building mission in Kenya when she was 17. Since then, she has gone on to study Arabic in Morocco & Egypt, explore the rainforests of the Amazon Jungle, trek to the base camp of Mount Everest, backpack through the bustling streets of South East Asia, road trip to the canyons of Utah and Arizona, sail down the coast of Patagonia, hot balloon across the red sand dunes of Namibia, cage dive next to Great Whites of South Africa, dance under the brilliant Northern Lights in Iceland, summit Mt. Kilimanjaro, and chase storms in USA's famous Tornado Valley. Somewhere along the way, she discovered her passion for photography and addiction for exploring the unknown. 

Ning speaks a few human tongues (English, French, Mandarin, and basic Arabic) as well as computer languages (Python, R, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, SQL, bash, git, cron). She graduated from UC Berkeley with a self-designed degree in Entrepreneurship & Technology, with a double degree in Economics. When Ning is not behind a camera, she works as a Data Scientist @ Rocket Fuel in New York City, with a recent patent pending in the field of Site Optimization.

Awards & Exhibitions:
Museum of Flight: Spirit of Flight Competition - 2nd Place, International Exhibition
APG Atlanta International Airport Central Atrium - International Exhibition
Exposure Award Louvre Museum Exhibit - International Exhibition
SE Center for Photography - Black, White & Everything in Between - International Exhibition
Darkrooom Gallery - Natural Realms - International Exhibition
Shoot The Frame - Affinity International Photography Competition - Finalist (top 0.5%)

International Photography Awards - Fine Art, Nature
Photographer of the Year - Landscape, Night Photography
Fine Art Photography Awards - Photomanipulation, Night Photography
Olympic Photo Circuit - Travel, Open-Monochrome, Open-Color
Moscow International Photo Awards - Aerial
Society of International Travel & Tourism - Epic Journey, Land and Sea

Features & Publications:
The Kite Mag
Capteur de Rêve Magazine
The Exposure Award - Nature Edition

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Phone: (415) 967-3322